Welcome to the Canterbury Mudfish website

Photo of Mudfish swimming in the water.

Mudfish are very special – as a species they have an amazing ability to survive dry seasons for several months.

There are 5 species in New Zealand:

  • Canterbury mudfish
  • Brown mudfish
  • Black mudfish
  • Northland mudfish
  • Chatham Island mudfish

The loss of 85 – 95% of New Zealand’s original wetlands were disastrous for mudfish habitats. Now, the Canterbury and Northland mudfish are regarded as acutely threatened (Nationally Endangered) species and the other species are regarded as chronically threatened (Gradual Decline).

This website focuses on the Canterbury mudfish (Neochanna burrowsius) and is designed so that you can learn more about this special species and so that you can either ask for assistance or offer help if you want to help protect this precious species.

There are many other websites with scientific information about all the New Zealand mudfish – a good starting point is www.doc.govt.nz.Leaving the Mudfish Website Icon

You may also wish to read the Department of Conservation's plan for mudfish recovery for the years 2003 - 2013.Leaving the Mudfish Website Icon (Right side of page at top)

Mudfish/kowaro are a taonga species to iwi.