How Can I Help?

If you have now joined the growing list of people who are passionate about the Canterbury mudfish, you may want to consider these actions;

As an individual;

  • Becoming a member of a Resource Care group, or forming a new one if one does not exist in your area
  • Donating money to habitat restoration programmes
  • Attend a working bee at a nearby restoration activity


As a company or organisation

  • Sponsoring specific habitat restoration programmes
  • Donating money to the Environment Enhancement Fund
  • Offering suitable products or materials to assist with biodiversity programmes (examples – weedmatting, native plants, spades and shovels, fencing materials)
  • Organizing your staff for working bees on a nearby restoration programme

If you wish to know more then please send us an e-mail and we’ll make sure your query or offer is directed to the right people.